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Adjustable Aluminum Stage

Type:Aluminum Stage

Release time:2019-01-27

All events that have an audience most definitely require a stage. Our stage height is adjustable and light in weight because they are made of aluminum material. The appearance is also very neat whether used indoor for small events or outdoors for big events you are guaranteed of good, strong & presentable stages. 


Platform Size 4×4 feet, 4×8 feet, 1×1m, 1×2m
Platform Shape Square,Rectangle
Thickness 18MM
Platform Surface Industrial(anti-slip), carpet, paint, plexiglass
Height 0.4m~0.5m~0.6m, 0.6m~0.8m~1.0m, 0.8m~1.0m~1.2m, 1.0m~1.3m~1.5m,1.5m~1.8m~2.0m
Loading 850kg/sqm
Packing Carton, Trolley
Accessories safety guardrail, skirt

1.Aluminum stage is easy to set up ,dismount and convenient to transportation.
2.The color of the floor and stage size can be changed according to customer's requirement.
3.This product usually used for events, parties, model shows, music shows, fashion shows, etc.
4.Usually match with lighting truss,stage truss,spigot truss to achieve visual effects.

Stage Platform:

Stage Brace

Adjustable Legs

Adjustable Base


Stage Project



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