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3 Channel Cable Ramp/Cable Protector

Type:Cable Ramp

Release time:2019-06-22

AE cable ramp provides safe and reliable cord and wire management. Made from heavy-duty engineered construction, these cable protectors add safety and comfort in any environment -- indoors or outdoor! The bright yellow color makes the system clearly visible and the anti-slip textured surface can handle the stresses of high-traffic public area, Load capacity and the non-interfering design allows carts and strollers to roll right over.


1. DURABILITY:Extremely durable,easy to install,and protect cords and cables.

2. OPTIONAL:Multiple sizes for various cable diameters.

3. SAFETY:Reduce tripping hazards.

4. NON-SLIP:Diamond plate slip resistant surface for excellent traction.

5. CONVENIENCE:Low angle ramps provide easy access for carts and pedestrians.


3 Channel

4 Channel

5 Channel

Corner Cable Ramp

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stage lighting design in different events-Angel Era Co.,Ltd

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