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Anyone attending Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2019?

time:2019-01-27   author:Hayley

Anyone attending Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2019 on Feb.24-27, 2019?
If you happened to be touring around there,
If you want to know market trends, raw material price, technology updates, and business leads in
event industry,
Don't hesitate to contact me for a meet-up. Looking forward to more Sparks of shared ideas.
If not?
No issues, in an era of internet you don't necessarily have to step out of your home traveling worldwide in order to grasp bits of ostensibly valuable information. Still you are welcome to message me for online consultation or video conference.(That's the most common practice of communication, isn't it?)
It won't cost you a penny so why wait?

The last one:AE glad to meet you at Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2019

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stage lighting design in different events-Angel Era Co.,Ltd

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