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How to choose wedding drape colors?

time:2019-01-28   author:Lucia

The drape is the indispensable prop in a romantic wedding. But there are various colors and materials for selection in current market. How to choose the suitable color for your wedding?

First, the decoration style of venue. Generally, the venue is decided according to the wedding style. Hotel, church and lawn all make great difference on the colors of drapes. For example, white drapes are well received in church wedding.

Second, the main color of wedding. If the tables and chairs are pink, the planners had better choose white drapes or pink drapes as backdrop. Consistent color could make the wedding more beautiful.

Last but least, lighting. Appropriate brightness lights plays an important part in the final effect of photography. Currently,
white chiffon drapes are very popular with couples. In this case, the lighting must be enough bright. Otherwise, the bright white would make the face look grey. If you still have any questions, please contact us and we will make a solution according to your requirements.

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