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About us

-Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Professional staging, audio and lighting solution provider

-Shenzhen ISince 2001I

Who are we?

Out there when most companies are busy making big, over-complicated and fancy-looking in order to highlight their business or service, our owner, Mr. Yang(Terry), on the other hand has been investing his expertise on 20 years’ research and development to fulfill most event planners’ underlying quest for simpler, quicker and safer staging equipment.

Yes we do not follow suit from our beginning in 2001.

But what motivates Angel Era to beginning this journey to simplicity?

Being an entrepreneur himself starting from scratch in Singapore, Mr. Yang is fully aware of how essential to take a huge responsibility off event planners’ shoulders. That is why he has been setting his sights on manufacturing something different, something could be give a tangible leg up especially for those green-hands who are worried running short of technical experience and initial capitals.

“Over the years I’ve learned how to put high priority on pragmatism rather than on high margins, and I have believed that it is simplicity. We keep it simple and say it as it is. That is down- to-earth and straight forward.” Mr. Yang commented.

Our services include initial advice and design planning for your event and we manufacture lighting, sound, staging, trussing, crowd barrier, cable ramp, dance floor and draping requirements. Our professional products, support and attitude are what sell, not long-winded, complicated explanations and quotations. In essence we speak your language. That is down-to-earth and straight forward.

Why us?

• one-stop-shop for all your needs. Every event can benefit from the carefully planned use of staging, trussing, lighting, audio equipment. Save a lot of valuable time and cost for sourcing different event products.

• We could provide 100% satisfied with not only the equipment you purchase at the best price, but also with the service you receive.

• With many years of technical experience, our friendly staff can guide you to make sure you buy the right product for your application.

• We offer free support to our clients because we care about you.

• Best quote at the right price

Good product speaks for itself that it is always the idea that values.

AE is your complete event production resource, whatever the occasion!

Brand Promise

As one of the largest companies in the industry, AE always adheres to build the brand “AE”, so as to ensure all customers can feel the quality and charm of AE anywhere.

stage lighting design in different events-Angel Era Co.,Ltd

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